Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos have become extremely fashionable over the past few years. They allow the person to express his or her individuality in a permanent way. Many common spots for tattoos, include, the back, the arms, and the legs. While those spots are the most common, the location is completely up to you. Hand tattoos are rising in popularity with younger generations. There are several types of tattoos that work the best on the hands, including, rings, small shapes, flowers, and names. Before you make a rash decision, try to think about what you want your tattoo to be and where it will go.

Location is very important when dealing with tattoos, especially hand tattoos. The back, legs, and arms are some of the most common places for tattoos because they can be covered up easily. Try to decide where you want to put your tattoo. Hand tattoos can be popular and look great, but what if your employer reprimands you for having exposed tattoos? Try to take all of the facts and consequences into consideration before getting near a tattoo gun.

If you do not know how your employer will act if you show up to work with hand tattoos, ask them. It never hurts to ask and the worst thing that they can say is no. Also, make sure that the career you are in allows tattoos. It is one thing to deep fry french fries with a tattoo on your hand, but what about after you finish college? Most “cushier” jobs will reject your application when they see the “love/hate” tattoo sprawled out with the help of your favorite hand tattoo.

Many people who refuse to get tattoos believe that the tattooing process will hurt too much. It is important to remember that getting a tattoo that is close to the bones, tendons, and other essential items in our bodies, the more it hurts. Common places, such as, the legs, the arms, and the back to get tattoos are equipped with padding, unlike the hands and feet. While everyone experiences pain differently, the hands and feet are the areas that cause pain for the common person. Take this into consideration when you pick out the design for your hand tattoos.

Tattoos are an unique expression of oneself and should be individual and specific for each person. There are several different styles that are very popular in today’s world of fashion, such as, rings. Rings can be a very good idea for a tattoo. Many people will not notice it at first, and it does not look tacky. Actually, it has become a common practice for the husband and wife to get matching tattoo rings instead of following the traditional method of wedding rings. Some people even get a red knotted bow tattooed on one of their fingers. This is said to be a symbol for an ancient Chinese saying that once someone is connected to another person, they are connected for life.

Getting your hand tattoos with hearts, stars, or other shapes can be an easy way to test the waters of a hand tattoo. Many people have small hearts or stars on the inside of their palms;while, other people have a clustering of small stars that are close together. Some people skip the ring idea all together and just tattoo the shape of a diamond on their fingers. There are so many ways you could do this that the possibilities seem almost limitless.

Many people like hand tattoos that involve words scrawled across their fingers. The ever popular “love/ hate” tattoo is certainly an iconic tattoo for people living the punk life, but does that necessarily represent you as an individual? Think about a short quote, a name, or just a word that describes your personality or gives you strength in your weaker hours. If you decide on using a foreign language for your tattoo, make sure to run it through a translation program before. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Remember to properly care for your tattoos by covering them, applying cream, and keeping them dry. If you work in an environment that requires you to wear gloves, make sure to thoroughly wrap your tattoo up to keep it dry. Tattoos do not have to be a bad thing if you do your research and really think about what you want.